Swami Vivekanand Samajik Shaikshik Sansthan (SWAVISWAS)
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About Us

Sawami Vivekanand samjik shaikshik sansthan (SWAVISWAS)

On 12 jan 2000 on Vikanand’s birthday some social activist of sarvodayi thought came together for making society of Mahatama Gandhian gram swaraj and youth society of Swami Vivekanand and setup a organization called SWAVISWAS.


In the starting process we started with a small school for poor Childs of villages. This school started with 25 students and 3 teachers. After 4 years we registered our school of the name of “Sawami Vivekanand samjik shaikshik sansthan (SWAVISWAS)” and then this society came in to existence legally. Then we got FCRA and 12 A. Now this society is working in different projects and associated with many other forums. 

SWAVISWAS vision is-

“We want to form Mahatma Gandhi’s Gram swaraj and Swami Vivekanand’s youth India”

SWAVISWAS mission is-

1- To Bridge the gap between the rich and the poor peoples of villages.

 2- To provide opportunity to live better life in the society.

3- Through collectives strengthen women, child former and labor to have better life

Our Objective

1- Education for village children in remote areas.

2- Health & awareness activity for rural women and children.

3- Economic activity for educated youth.

4- Women empowerment through self help group.

5- Economic Development through Innovations and collective action in Agriculture Sector.